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All Saints' Church West Ham has now largely completed a programme to rebuild a section of the building demolished in 2002, to redevelop the Long (Bridal) Porch, and to make some changes to the church interior.

The new building at the south-west corner of the church, which was formally dedicated by the Bishop of Chelmsford on March 22nd 2015 replaces the former vestries and includes provision for 2 meeting rooms for use by the congregation and the community (one holding approx 70 people available for rent at £35 per hour) and the other (available for rent at £20 per hour) approx 15 people comfortably), an office, a Choir vestry and four wcs, two for disabled people. We welcome suitable applications to rent use of the rooms from local groups.

The Long Porch to the south of the church has been renovated, and in due course will become the usual weekday entrance. The available land to its west has been landscaped.

The kitchen at the west end of the church has been modernised, and a large screened storage area has also been provided opposite it, principally to house the various requirements of the All Saints Chorus whch is based at the church, and the Church of Pentecost, which uses our building.The work has included internal redecoration of the building and attention to the brickwork. The present St Thomas' Chapel has become the clergy vestry and also provides suitable storage space.

There have been improvements to the lighting of the church, the heating, and the audio equipment.

A fundraiser was appointed principally to seek grants from charities, trusts, and grant-making organisations, and raised an appreciable amount. The congregation of All Saints' over many years was involved in a full programme of fund-raising events and activities and raised well over £10,000.

The Avenons Trust was responsible for the major cost of the project.

We would be very grateful to receive donations. Cheques, made out to All Saints' Church West Ham PCC, may be sent to The Treasurer, St Thomas' Chapel, Church Street, London E15 3HU, United Kingdom. All donations with addresses will be acknowledged and a record (of names only) kept for posterity.

Do please be generous. This church has served the local community for 900 years. We are doing our best in our time to pass it on, renovated and revitalised to generations to come. Thanks for reading this!  Stennett Kirby.

Tel: 0208 519 0955.                                                January 2016.

History of our Redevelopment Project

The church began to plan the redevelopment project over 17 years ago. The original aim was to completely re-order the church interior to create a more usable space. This meant the removal of the old 19th century pews, which has been implemented, being replaced by new high quality wooden chairs paid for by public subscription.

It was also envisaged that meeting/conference rooms be provided at the north/western corner of the church (presently curtained) and a large kitchen/ church office/vestries area on the south side. The floor (finished in York Stone) was re-laid in the nave with the addition of under-floor heating for part of the building. Outside the church, in the area between the long porch and south facing side of the tower a new building will be provided. This could host a range of community based activities for all age ranges, which should result in the church being open much more than at present.

The church council had originally sought to finance this scheme by the sale of two church halls and it was hoped that the redevelopment would be complete by 2003. Unfortunately a few months into the project a serious roof structure fault was discovered. The church council had no option but to repair the roof. Much of the money available for the redevelopment project had to be re-routed into the roof repair which cost just under £700,000. We now have a safe and watertight roof, new heating, new lighting, including new choirstall lamps, and new chairs, but the redevelopment plans for the west, north-west and south-west sides of the building had to be revisited.



How can you help

Donations large or small are very welcome. You can send us a cheque addressed to: The Treasurer, West Ham Parish Church, St Thomas' Chapel, Church Street, London E15 3HU.


Consider joining our Gift Aid scheme. By this method you pledge an amount each month or week a pay either through a numbered envelope or bank direct debit.

If you sign a gift aid declaration form then we can claim back tax on the amount you donate. Receiving donations and giving in this way makes it much easier to budget for the church.


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