All those who live in the parish are entitled to be baptised in their parish church.

Those who have a strong historic family connection with this Church will be considered for baptism here. Baptisms usually take place on the third Sunday of the month at 11am. However, in certain circumstances, other arrangements may be made. Please attend the Parish Surgery for a discussion on Thursdays from 8-8.30pm during school term-time.

There is no charge for a baptism, but a baptism certificate costs £12.

Usually a child has 2 godparents of the same sex, and one of the other. He/she may have more godparents.

A GODPARENT needs to be a Christian who will be required to express belief in Jesus Christ as Lord publicly during the Baptism service.

They should usually be both baptised and confirmed themselves, although the requirement for confirmation may be waived (confirmation usually takes place from age 10 upwards when Christians are taught the beliefs of their faith and the Bishop comes to a local church to confirm people of that area, who are then able to receive the bread and the wine, and are expected to take a more active part in their local church.

NB: Godparents should not be chosen simply because they are friends of the parent(s). This is an important issue which the parents should consider carefully well before the Baptism to save disappointment and resentment. We cannot waive the requirement for godparents to be baptised. The fact that comparatively few parents have decided to have their children baptised during the last 20/30 years means that eligible godparents (ie who have been baptised themselves) are now quite rare.

NB: Godparents will need to produce evidence (their baptism certificate, or a copy of their entry in the Baptism register of the church where they were baptised), that they have been baptised, before the baptism date is confirmed. The Vicar will need to be confident that some effort has been made to obtain these particulars.

The Vicar will usually need to see the parents and at least one godparent in the week before the service for a brief rehearsal.

While we do not insist that parents attend Church, we would expect parents to make every effort to attend church since they wish their child to be baptised into the Christian faith


ADULT BAPTISM. Adults who wish to be baptised are usually prepared for Confirmation, then baptised and confirmed at the same time. Please attend the Parish Surgery in the first instance.