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WEDDINGS     - the situation as at March 2017



Anyone wishing to be married in church are legally required to provide evidence of their nationality as the first preliminary to planning the marriage. If both parties first produce specified evidence that they are "relevant nationals" then it will be lawful for banns to be read as a preliminary to marriage, or an aplication made for a Common Licence.

A relevant National is a British citizen, a national of a European Economic Area (EEA) member state or a national of Switzerland.

From 2015 the only normal form of preliminary for any marriage where either or both parties is not a relevant national will be a Superintendent Registrar's certificate (SRC).

Before applying for a SRC the couple should first contact the church where they wish to be married to ensure they are qualified to be married there. To apply for a SRC the couple should then both attend a register office. Both parties must have been resident for at least 7 days in a regristration district in England and Wales before the day on which tney give notice. The couple should bring with them evidence of their name, date of birth, nationality, and place of residence, and details of the place where they will marry and of their entitlement to be married there.

After the giving of the notice there will be a 28 day waiting period at least. Any non EEA national who has limited or no immigration status in the UK or who can provide no evidence they are exempt from the scheme, will be referred by the registrar to the Home Office. This could involve the Home Office extending the waiting-period to 70 days.

A SRC is valid for 12 months.

To be married at All Saints' by banns, after the preliminaries, usually either the bride or groom or both must live in the parish. If neither partner lives in the parish it is still possible to be married here by becoming members of the church with your name(s) on the electoral roll. This involves at least one of you attending services regularly (once a month is the minimum) for six months. You may also be married here if you dont live here and you are not on the electoral roll but you have a significant historical connection with the church: least one of you was baptised here;

2. at least one of you was confirmed here (separately from being baptised)

3. at least one of you have had your usual place of worship in the parish for 6 months

4. a parent of at least one of you has had his/her usual place of residence in the parish for at least 6 months

5. a parent of at least one of you has habitually attended Church of England public worship in the parish for at least 6 months

6. a parent or grandparent of at least one of you was married in the parish according to the rites of the Church of England

Anyone who would like to be married here, whose previous marriage has been dissolved and their partner is still living will need to meet the Vicar to discuss their situation in detail before arrangements for the marriage can be made.


Wedding Planner

For initial information please attend our Parish Surgery in St Thomas' Chapel, entrance via Church Street, E15 3HU on Thursdays from 8-8.30pm. The Surgery will be closed from time to time because of holidays etc, in which case ring 0208 519 0955


Our commitment to you (2005)

Marriage is a gift of God and the service is an act of worship. Here at All Saints we have a sparkling heritage for weddings. We aim to make your wedding day one to remember with joy. To do this we regard it as a privilege to help organize your day and our hope is that you come to appreciate the Christian ideals by which we try to live our lives.

Getting married needs planning! As a rule of thumb the following gives a timetable that you should bear in mind.

* Wedding booked (between 6 - 18 months in advance).
* Reading the banns (if one of you lives in the parish and both are British nationals - within three months of the wedding).
* Deciding the order of service and music (two months).
* Wedding preparation with the minister by arrangement (usually two weeks before the wedding)
* Rehearsal in church (week before wedding).

Wedding Fees for 2017.

Basic Fees for marriage involving the calling of banns



Optional Fees

Organist £110.00
Choir £ 70.00

Verger £40
Soloist £ 30.00
Bell ringers £140.00
Flowers £ 75.00
Copyright Licence £120.00





Our organist will be happy to advise on music. Normally in a service there are two or three hymns. We always recommend having the choir. Please bear in mind the fact that having the choir greatly adds to the atmosphere of your wedding. Having three hymns and no choir can be a struggle, so, if you are not having the choir it is best to have one hymn!


We have at least two large arrangements at the front of the church. You might wish to provide extra flowers which is fine but please discuss this with us first. Extra flower arrangements stay at the church until all weddings have ended for the day to avoid delays.


We have a specimen order of service on this site. If you have a printed order please have it checked with the Vicar before the final print !


There is ample opportunity after the service for photos. Only the official photographer is permitted to take shots/video during the service itself.



All those who live in the parish are entitled to be baptised in their parish church.

Those who have a strong historic family connection with this Church will be considered for baptism here. Baptisms usually take place on the third Sunday of the month at 11am. However, in certain circumstances, other arrangements may be made. Please attend the Parish Surgery for a discussion on Thursdays from 8-8.30pm during school term-time.

There is no charge for a baptism, but a baptism certificate costs £12.

Usually a child has 2 godparents  of the same sex, and one of the other. He/she may have more godparents.

A GODPARENT needs to be a Christian who will be required to express belief in Jesus Christ as Lord publicly during the Baptism service.

They should usually be both baptised and confirmed themselves, although the requirement for confirmation may be waived (confirmation usually takes place from age 10 upwards when Christians are taught the beliefs of their faith and the Bishop comes to a local church to confirm people of that area, who are then able to receiove the bread and the wine, and are expected to take a more active part in their local church.

NB: Godparents should not be chosen simply because they are friends of the parent(s). This is an important issue which the parents should consider carefully well before the Baptism to save disappointment and resentment. We cannot waive the requirement for godparents to be baptised. The fact that comparatively few parents have decided to have their children baptised during the last 20/30 years means that eligible godparents (ie who have been baptised themselves) are now quite rare.

NB: Godparents will need to produce evidence (their baptism certificate, or a copy of their entry in the Baptism register of the church where they were baptised), that they have been baptised, before the baptism date is confirmed. The VIcar will need to be confident that some effort has been made to obtain these particulars.

The Vicar will usually need to see the parents and at least one godparent in the week before the service for a brief rehearsal.

While we do not insist that parents attend Church, we would expect parents to make every effort to attend church since they wish their child to be baptised into the Christian faith


ADULT BAPTISM. Adults who wish to be baptised are usually prepared for Confirmation, then baptised and confirmed at the same time. Please attend the Parish Surgery in the first instance.

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